Empathy & Emotions

Being empathetic is a sign of maturity. If that is the case, I’m mature to the point of being old. Sometimes I feel like I have far too much empathy. I struggle to read or watch the news, as the terrible actions of others makes me sad and angry. Even movies, with only a slightly emotional story can bring me to hard and heavy tears that come quickly and last too long. Not only does this happen often, but nearly daily. Previous┬ápain still haunts me. There is a lot of pain in my past. Pain that I’m not quite ready to put on the table, but pain that affects everything I do. It has affected the relationships I have been in, how I meet new people, how I deal with my pain, and more. But the one thing that it has done, that while frustrating at times, has given me the ability to see the potential of others. It has shown me how to reserve judgement, to be kind, and to help others when I am able. I understand pain. I understand that everyone has a story. Everyone withholds pain and everyone struggles with something.

Next time some cuts you off in traffic, or parks in a handicap parking space, or fails to apologize for running into you in the halls, try to cut them some slack. Maybe they are having a difficult day. Maybe they are dealing with a death, or abuse, or bad news. Maybe they are just being a jerk. Who are you to judge them? The more we can reserve judgement of others, the more peaceful our lives can be. Just because they are different from you or they make a mistake, or they just seem like a mean person, does not mean you are better than them or deserve more.

Patience. Love. Kindness. Generosity.